• -QuorraBot 1.18 is now available.

Twitch API OAuth

When you click the Connect button, you will be redirected to Twitch.TV to authorize the bot to make requests on your behalf.
Please make sure you login and authorize using the Channel Owner's account.
You can also choose to use the account of a channel editor, but on partnered channels will not be able to use the API-based new subscriber notifications.

The following permissions are requested (Twitch will display this list too):
  • channel_editor: Allows the bot to change channel metadata including game name, title, delay, etc.
  • channel_commercial: Allows the bot to run commercials on your channel if it is partnered.
  • channel_subscriptions: Allows the bot to get a list of the channels subscribers if it is partnered.

NOTE: The bot's OAuth key will still be used for the IRC connection. This channel owner's key is just to authorize the bot to the above actions on the channel.
NOTE: The name of the application to be authorized on Twitch.TV will be QuorraBot.

NOTE: QuorraBot will not store or retrieve the API key in any way, the key is captured and displayed locally by your browser using JavaScript and then discarded.
NOTE: JavaScript is required to use this page.